Johnson Level & Tool 40-0921 Laser Level Kit


For really tough jobs or projects that require absolute precision, you can depend on the Johnson laser level. With an interior laser range of 100 feet, the 40-0921 can provide you up to a quarter of an inch in laser accuracy at a distance of 35 feet. But what really appeals to the pros is the Johnson’s 360-degree rotation, making it a nifty manual rotary laser level. There’s no need to reposition the laser level just to get precision levels.

It also comes with its own tripod that can be easily adjusted anywhere from 17 inches to 47 inches, so you can easily prop the Johnson self leveling laser level right in the middle of the room without the need for any other secure attachment. You can always do away with the tripod, of course, and the Johnson will still be able to provide the same level of stability because of its extra-wide and hefty base construction.