Jucuwe Power Adapter


While this is listed as a power chair charger, it meets the same three-prong male outlet and voltage/amp requirements as hoverboard chargers. Basically, you can take advantage of this and make it work for your hoverboard while having it as a back-up for a power chair, if that’s an option for you. If not, don’t worry; this is about as universal as hoverboard chargers get. The three-prong male outlet allows you to attach this to an extensive list of different hoverboard brands and models.

The charging period is good… kind of. The first 80% of your charge is extremely quick, but then it heats up, overheat protection kicks in, and the last 20% of your battery charge carries on dreadfully slow. While the cable length is great and the size is compact for travel, it’s a charger with its fair share of issues.