JuiceBox Pro 40 EV Charging Station


If power is the number-one consideration when you are shopping for a new EV charger, then you should take a good look at this model. JuiceBox is an EV Charger maker with a well-earned rep for making high quality, powerful charging tools.

This model is no different, making use of 40 amps of power for an incredibly high (and fast) charge level. That power is delivered by a power cable with a very useful length of 24 feet, making it easier to install the device within easy reach of your vehicle.

You also get top-quality controls via the built-in WiFi in the charger. That allows you to control the charger via a Smartphone app or even via Alexa voice control.

“Alexa! Charge the car!” How cool is that, huh?

For so many high-end features you are looking at investing a significant chunk of change. This device comes with a premium price tag and is easily one of the most expensive on our list. Not only that, it requires your home to have an electrical circuit that can handle at least 50 amps of power, so you may need to upgrade your home wiring and circuit breakers.

Still, if you want extreme power that is very well controlled then this item must be high up your list.