K-Seal Permanent Coolant Leak Repair


There may be many reasons why you are searching for the best radiator sealant. Perhaps you have a head gasket leak, engine block leak, radiator leak or water pump leak…either way this product will solve your problems fast and professionally, for a fraction of the price.

It’s a simple product to use as you just need to add the K-Seal to your coolant system to create a fast and long-lasting fix. It’s also been scientifically tested and is the only coolant leak repair fluid to be carried by the AA – which is the UK’s largest roadside repair company to your coolant system, the product gets to work immediately, looking for holes and cracks to permanently fix while you’re running your engine as normal. The product has been made from a special material containing microfibres, which on contact with a gap, mesh together to form a seal. The product can repair holes of up to 0.635mm in size but won’t block any passageways or tubes within the cooling system.

The K-Seal antifreeze stop leak formula will form an extremely strong and permanent seal that is guaranteed professional results. This is why it’s such a trusted product and used by professionals in the UK.