Kaungka Waterproof Cargo Mat


A brand you can never go wrong with is Kaungka. They have years of experience in the delivery of nothing but terrific quality in all their products. After every launch, they undertake new research to find out the latest and more innovative methods of designing their car liners such that, every new item they bring to the market is better than its competition concerning function, style, and innovation. Their Kaungka Floor Mat is no different.

This is a vehicle floor mat with a difference. It is put together by the best hands in the world, with materials that both high quality and extremely durable. The design of the Kaungka floor mat makes it highly compatible with the 2017 and 2018 Mazda model cars. It features a skid-resistant surface that is meant to hold all spills and keep them from getting to your floor. Install your floor mat with ease, as soon as it is out of its packaging.