KaZAM No Pedal Balance Bike


KaZAM have also earned themselves a spot on our list, with their unique balance bike design. Unlike other bikes on the market, KaZAM’s model features a patented step-in frame, with an integrated footrest located in a natural position. This footrest helps kids to transition between gliding on the balance bike and coasting on a bike with pedals. Featuring a padded saddle and handlebars, it’s comfortable for kids to ride – even for long stretches of time.

This unusual configuration makes it easy for kids to find their balance, easing the often challenging beginning of their cycling journey. Thanks to its adjustable seat and handlebars, the bike can accommodate kids aged up to five years; growing as they do. Meanwhile, puncture-proof EVA tires ensure that the bike requires little to no maintenance, while both seat and handlebars can be adjusted without the need for tools. Available in 10 striking colors, the bike is suitable for virtually any taste.