KBS Coatings 4501 Gloss Black RustSeal


This unit is designed for corrosion and rust prevention. A single application can last a lifetime and protect your vehicle for an extended period. The KBS Coatings Paint comes in a gallon size. It helps keep rust and corrosion in check and also helps your vehicle look good. Rust is kept at bay because once the paint comes into contact with your car, it hardens. The hardening process prevents any road salt and chemicals from seeping into the chemical composition of your vehicle.

The KBS Coatings paint doesn’t chip, peel, crack or scratch thanks to its rock-hard build. It is well suited for use as a permanent truck frame paint, and it can be used in an automotive, home, industry, or the farm for your trucks and chassis. Users praise this paint for its affordability, efficiency, and durability. They appreciate a formula that can last for decades with proper maintenance and application.