Keeper Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag


You came here for cool camping gear and gadgets, and we kick off the list with roof rack storage. Don’t sweat it, we will check out some very cool gear soon enough. But stay with us for now, as we take a good look at this item. No, it might not be the coolest, but it could be one of the most important pieces of camping gear you buy.

The fact is that while you can invest in a whole range of cool gear (and after reading our list you may end up doing just that), you also need to think of how you are going to transport it all. Camping gear, plus a family or friends, plus fishing rods or mountain bikes, and you have suddenly filled the average-sized car very quickly.

This item from Keeper can really help in that sense. It brings up to 15 cubic feet of additional storage to allow you to easily transport all your gear. It is compatible will all roof racks styles and is very easy to install and remove when the trip is done. It is also built of tough and strong rubber laminated Nylon. That allows it to provide protection to your gear from rain, wind, sun, and road debris.

Like we said, it may not be the coolest piece of equipment, but it could be one of the most important pieces of gear for a comfortable camping trip in your car.