Kelly Edge HP All-Season Radial Tire

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If you own a performance sedan, coupe, or crossover, then this tire will give you the performance and handling ability you crave. The tire’s construction uses an all-season tread compound for reliable performance in both hot and cold weather. There’s a wide center rib to give you plenty of road contact for traction and stability. It also quickens your ability to turn. Three circumferential grooves have a unique blade groove design to enhance your traction on wet roads. The shoulder has large blocks for grip through the corners. You’ll also notice a reduction in road noise with this tread pattern design. The tire comes in 20 sizes that range from 15 to 18 inches for broad vehicle compatibility.

Unfortunately, the rubber compound is a hard formulation. This can make the ride feel bumpy or jarring. However, if you have a good suspension system and drive on nice roads, this shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Brand


  • Model

    Edge HP

  • Weight

    22 pounds


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Next up is our Kelly edge a/s review. For another quality product in the Kelly family, the Kelly Edge A/S (356681030) is a great option for taking your driving experience to another level. It has been specially crafted out of the deep waters of the Kelly Tires Company, to suit the long drives for all seasons. It’s a perfect fit for the minivans and the little SUVs and many other vehicles of the same tenacity. This is because this tire has been packed with functionalities to suit its all-season name. It also goes by the identity of being an economical tire that delivers outstanding results and has a tread block feature that makes these tires capable of outstanding grips.

For both the wet and slippery surfaces, this tire performs excellently well, treading on surfaces just the way it was crafted to perform. What’s more, it gives your vehicle extreme braking advantages with its extreme grip features. This poses a sense of security with your purchase as you are guaranteed to have mind-blowing hold features even on rainy days. Additionally, it is known for its wide groove range situated around the tread which serves as a factor that aids in the extensive hold capacity of the tire. For its economical identity, it surely lives up to its purpose by being pocket-friendly and delivers value and quality, as well as comfortability when it comes to purchasing it.