Kemimoto Highway Pegs


These Highway Pegs by Konduone are our final pick. We love that the brand has created a wide array of peg options as this means that it’s catering to your every need in various ways. These highway footpegs for cycles are made with street quality and feature authentic metals. They undergo a heavy-duty construction, which is backed by an excellent chrome finish to make it more attractive. This highway pegs can be used with Harley-Davidson motorcycles and many other models with ease. 

They come with a wrench that enables you to install and uninstall the system with ease. Installation doesn’t demand a lot of time or special skills. The highways pegs deliver the perfect fit and finish that will keep you safe and make you look good at the same time. You can adjust these pegs to any angle thanks to their flexible construction. We recommend this unit for all riders who want to merge beauty and functionality.