Kenda K50 Tire


The Kenda K50 Tire is an amazing offer for a tire. This one in particular is a 14-inch tire ranging in diameter, with side dimensions of up to 2.125 inches. It comes in a clever black hue for tires and has been constructed with tire beads perfectly crafted from steel.

The Kenda K50 Tire has been designed with an intended purpose for suiting bikes. Its dimensions are a perfect fit for that, and most especially, this tire serves as a great replacement. In the event you have worn-out or damaged tires, this is a conventional tire to suit that purpose. It also has a unique tread design that is aimed at giving maximum control when it comes to bike races, and for all the BMX purposes. Furthermore, it grips and holds adequately, which is why it is a great fit for bikes; as well as the fact that it also possesses extreme durable properties, so you can rest assured your tires won’t wear out even with the most extreme sports