Klein Tools Electrician Tool Bag


This is the first, but not last, bag on our list that is considered an Electricians tool bag. Don’t worry though that name just means it is of a style that’s intended for use by electricians – but it is equally at home carrying mechanics tools too.

What makes an electrician tool bag different from a regular one? Well for one thing if you know any electricians (and we do) they have to carry a lot of tools and kit. Not only that, but a lot of those tools and pieces of kit are small and fiddly. That means that an electricians tool bag is overflowing with lots of little pockets – this one boasts no less than 39 – to store all those bits and pieces.

It’s also a nice sturdy bag with a molded bottom to increase carry capacity, prevent sagging and provide a nice solid base when you place the bag onto the floor. Another nod to the intended audience of the bag is the protective, molded pocket mounted to the front. It is designed to protect safety glasses but could be used to store anything that’s a little delicate.