Klein Tools Linemans Pliers J2000-9NECRTP


There is another set of pliers designed by Klein Tools, which are very operational, affordable, and durable. They feature a high-quality material and innovative structural build. Like many other regular pliers, these are 9-inch pliers designed with tape pulling and wire crimping for the best performance possible. They can cut all screws, ACSR, nails and stiff wires within a short amount of time and with less effort. The Lineman pliers from Klein Tools have an assured long life duration, thanks to their induction hardening cutting area.

Besides these plier’s high leverage design, the unit also offers a 46 percent greater cutting and gripping power compared to many competing pliers on the market. To enable you to pull steel fish tape without any damage, these pliers come with a built-in channel. There is also a built-in crimper that operates effortlessly on lugs, non-insulated connectors, and terminals. The unique handle of this linesman plier absorbs the snap that occurs when cutting wires. We love these high leverage Lineman’s pliers because they’ve been built to last with innovative, dual materials. They do well with heavy-duty cutting jobs and have handles that last longer than some competing brands.