Klein Tools Rolling Tool Bag


So far on this list, we’ve looked at pretty traditional style bags – traditional at least in terms of how they are carried around. Whether backpack, bucket or traditional style we’ve tried to mention the straps where possible, as they will have a big impact on how comfortable the bag is to carry.

But what if you don’t want straps? If you’ve been sat there thinking, well that padded hand hold is great and all, but I kind of wish I didn’t even have to carry the thing at all, then voila – this could be the tool bag for you.

As you will see in the image above as well as looking like it has a grinning face (trust us, stop what you’re doing, go look at the bag again) the big standout features are those big old wheels mounted to the rear of the bag. Those wheels, along with the extendable handle, make for a tool bag that is going to be very easy to move around irrespective of the weight of tools you’ve packed inside.

And you can pack a lot in too. There are 24 pockets dotted throughout the bag, but the most impressive is the central compartment. It is huge, big enough to take a range of tools and it’s even got an orange trim, so smaller bits, and pieces stand out better so you can find them easier.

It’s not cheap at around 150 bucks, but if you have a large load of tools you need to move as easily as possible this bag could be worth the investment.