Klein Tools Tradesman Organizer Backpack


With a long and illustrious history under its belt, Klein Tools was bound to design a backpack that takes the cake in terms of organizing and storage capabilities. The Klein backpack weighs 6 pounds and comes with a  safety compartment where you can keep your glasses and phone within reach and away from your sharp tools. It is also fitted with 39 pockets that vary in height and width so you can pack up things like long screwdrivers and wrenches with ease.

Zipper pockets are also located inside and outside the Klein backpack for small and easy-to-misplace tools. The bottom is hard molded, meaning that the backpack has a solid base to protect your gear. The eye-catching orange color provides high contrast against the tools and the fabric itself is made out of a tight and dense ballistic weave that is both tear resistant and durable. It also comes with four handles and wide, padded shoulder straps to help distribute the backpack’s weight.