Klim Klimate Snowmobile Gloves


Klim Snowmobile gloves are a product with a long and proud association with quality. They are especially designed for use on Snowmobiles, which has led to a few interesting design choices. That being said, the big standout feature has to be the amount of Thinsulate insulation they have managed to pack in here, a whopping 300 grams per glove – a very, very impressive level of insulation.

 It is though not just a large amount, it’s also how that insulation has been deployed which impresses us. 100 grams is in the palm, whilst 200 grams is on the back of the hand. The thought process behind this – and it makes sense – is that it will be the back of your hand that is facing into the wind and snow, and so needs the extra padding. The palm is gripping around the handlebar and so is protected a little more.

Like we said, it does make sense and is proof that Klim has really put some though behind their design process here. In addition to that cool insulation there is the usual useful features – a tough and tacky material pad on the palm, a wrist mounted strap for a secure fit.

All in all, when you see the words Klim Snowmobile Gloves you can assume they will be high quality, and this product loves up to that admirably.