Knipex Tools Lineman Pliers


Our final recommendation is the Knipex Leverage Lineman’s Pliers, an impressively designed unit made for various industries. These pliers have a crimper and fish tape puller for added functionality and increased durability. It is a 9.5-inch tool with a rivet that has been reduced in size. The size reduction is made by professionals to move it closer to the jaws; thus, creating an ultra-high leverage design that results in a 25 percent increase in cutting power. Knipex believes in the manufacturing of long-lasting tools that are as user friendly as they are durable. 

For excellent gripping and pulling, the Knipex pliers feature serrated cross-hatched knurled gripping zones on their jaws. With the recent design update of these pliers, users can work better on round, thick, and oval-shaped cables. The updated design features an oval-shaped recess on the back of the Knipex pliers. These tools are ideal for most demanding jobs, thanks to their heavy-duty design. They have insulated and comfortable handles. Professionals and staff at Knipex take each plier through intense tests to find out how best to improve the design. Such an approach assures every customer that their pliers will stand the test of time over regular use.