Kolpin Front Gear ATV Basket


With a wide range of applications to cover at home and at work, most times, we need a reliable helper to make things easier. Using the Kolpin Front Gear Basket- 53360 at the front or rear end of an ATV, provides additional space where supplies and work-tools can be placed. Made with a welded and expanded metal design and powder coated for extra shine and durability, this basket is definitely a tough container.  Built to carry the weight equivalent of up to three 5 gallon buckets, this ATV basket rack is sure to accommodate a good number of items.

It may not be the largest basket in the market but it is quite versatile. Place this either in the front or rear part of the ATV and even enjoy the liberty of tilting it upward giving you easy access to the contents while on the quad. With suitable dimensions of 38” length, 13” width and 7½” height, this ATV rack would fit all ATV’s and off-road bikes with a tubular front and rear rack. This makes it a great basket for a variety of applications on the farm and practically anywhere.