Kolpin Rhino Grip ATV Gun Rack


Kicking off our list is this Kolpin gun rack. Featuring offset storage mounting, which maximises your available storage space. The rack consists of a pair of flexible rubber grips, constructed to carry up to 15 pounds worth of items. Their durable rubber is built to last, and each grip can be easily attached to an ATV, SUV, UTV, RT, or trailer. With this great versatility, you’ll be able to carry vital equipment wherever you go.

Each Rhino Grip UTV gun rack is carefully crafted to protect your guns from the dangers of rough terrain. Its heavy duty design keeps firearms in place, and cushions them against and jolts or shocks. The grips shield your equipment from both side to side and up and down motion. Kolpin have included everything you need to mount your new gun rack just about anywhere. Its universal-fit mounting hardware takes things easily. This versatile tool isn’t just for guns, either – you can also transport your bow, agricultural tools, shovels, and plenty of other gear.