Komelon SM5425 Measuring Tape


The third tape measure to make the list today is this entry from Komelon. On the surface, it is another very simple design, and it also has a nice low price. But is there a little more going on beneath the surface than you may see at first glance?

Well, the answer to that is a yes. To give credit where it is due Komelon have clearly taken a look at other tape designs, and had a think about possible improvements and upgrades. They have settled on the measuring blade itself as being worthy of a redesign.

What you will no doubt notice straight away is the fact it is white rather than the standard yellow. Komelon claim this is to reduce glare on the tape, making it easier to read. The tape itself is steel with an acrylic coating. A pretty standard construction there then, but one that should be nice and hardwearing.

The tape measure body is encased in rubber. Again, this protects the inner workings whilst also making the tool comfortable in the hand. It is very small, weighing in at around 8 ounces. That weight, combined with the rubber coating, makes for a tool that is pretty ergonomic.

It’s worth pointing out that only inch markings are clearly labeled. There are metric measurement lines, but they not marked with numbers or other indicators. If you like to work in meters and centimeters there are better metric tape measures out there for you.