Konig CB-12 100 Snow Chains


This is another simple but efficient design from Konig. It’s no coincidence by the way that this is the third appearance of Konig products on this list – they simply make some of the best tire chains on the market right now.

This is another simple but effective design in the same mold as the model we took a look at above. Again, no bells and whistles are present on this design, it is pretty much the most basic, traditional style of snow chain. However once again it is that simplicity that is one of the key selling points – the other of course is the high-quality build from Konig.

So again, nothing of earth-shattering innovation to report with this product. But also, once again, we have a very good value, very well made product that will simply do what it’s designed to do.

It’s worth pointing out too that with 12mm of clearance this product sits lower and closer to the tire than the previous Konig model, potentially making it a better option for vehicles with low clearance like SUV’s.