Konig XB-16 247 Snow Chains


So far on this list then we’ve taken in some various designs of snow tire chains. We’ve had some designs like the first model from Security Chain that took the established design of a snow chain and added a bit of a tweak to the classic design. Then we’ve had products like the yellow pad style design from Sanku, which completely twists the notion of what snow chains for cars even look like.

This entry, our second from Konig, is different, however. This is your classic, standard snow chain here. At the same time, the fact it is made by a reputable company like Konig means that whilst this is a simple design, it has very good build quality.

There are no features here that are particularly outstanding. Instead, what you are getting is a simple and effective product designed to do exactly what you need time and time again. A price tag well below 200 bucks is pretty impressive too, meaning you are getting serious value for money for a very well made car tire chain.