Koolatron Compact Electric Cooler


In our quest to find the best car coolers in existence, we couldn’t ignore some of the more popular brands and see what they brought to the table. Black+Decker didn’t disappoint, and they followed suit with their excellent affordability. Sling this over your shoulder with the included strap to carry it from the house to your car: you’re going to need it, because this weighs just under twenty pounds. It’s a bit heavy, but Black+Decker get the job done.

Your temperature range goes from 40 F, up to 120 F, which is essentially good for keeping food warm, but not in safe level if you plan on driving for more than a few hours. You get a fairly decent 1.6 gallon capacity, lengthy power cable at just over six feet, and an adapter to bring it inside when the day is through and leave it plugged in on the countertop. After using this unit for a bit, we can say they definitely narrowed the temperature range to reduce cost, but for under fifty dollars, it’s a powerful car cooler that’ll last you for years.