Korazmi PDVD-DK95 Portable Dual Screen DVD Player


Light and portable, the Korazmi is a headrest-mounted DVD player capable of playing 8 different types of video disc formats. Its built-in Dolby digital decoder makes for an excellent system of entertaining your passengers at the back of your car. While the Korazmi is primarily intended for film viewing inside one’s car, it can also be used at home with its synchronicity with TV systems.

The DK95 comes with built-in speakers so there’s no need to buy earphones for your passengers. But if you want a more distraction-free driving, you’d better get earphones each for your buddies so they can enjoy the film while you stay focused on the road.

The Korazmi makes for a great personal entertainment, whether it is inside or outside your car. Sadly, its built-in battery only maxes out at 3 hours of runtime whereas other brands can muster 5. Nevertheless, it should still be an enjoyable 3 hours for your kids during momentary stopovers.