Kuryakyn 8002 Motorcycle Foot Pegs


The Kuryakyn Motorcycle Footpegs are exceptionally designed by a company that understands the design requirements of a motorcycle footpeg. Its products feature the latest technologies to make them more comfortable. Its products are also durable; thus, they’re a great economical alternative.

The Kuryakyn footpeg is an adjustable system for use on 2010-2019 Harley-Davidson models. It comes with a fixed chrome and fixed mounts, which go a long way to benefit both the rider and the motorcycle. The Harley-Davidson foot pegs allow you to enjoy your rides in three different modes, namely the higher, farther-forward, and rearward riding positions. This helps you to get relief from fatigue, especially for those who are on their motorcycles for more extended periods. The footpegs are designed and built from sturdy aluminum, and they have a cohesive look that adds a touch of quality to their entire product.