Kutir Measuring Tape


Next up we have this product from Kutir. Whilst it may on the surface seem quite a simple design, it is actually packing quite a number of high quality design points.

Lets start with the outer case. It looks quite plain, but it actually a decent if somewhat basic plastic case. It does however feature a rubberized material coating. This not only makes the tool quite comfortable to hold, it will really help to protect the inner workings of the tool itself from any sudden shocks like a drop from height.

The measuring tape itself also boasts a number of very impressive features. For one thing it can remain rigid without any support for up to seven feet. That helps to make it easier to use when you are working alone and may not have someone to hold the other end of the tape.

Speaking of the other end, the metal hook on the tape tip has been supplemented with magnetic attachments. Again, this will help you use this tool on your own. The tape has been printed on both sides too, a very useful feature we don’t see as often as we would like.

You get all that for less than 10 bucks too, very good value for money. If there were one small complaint to make, it would be the fact the rubberized outer casing really smells strongly of rubber! Hopefully that will fade over time, but initially it can be a little unpleasant.