Kutir Stubby Screwdriver


Kutir’s multi-bit screwdriver features an adjustable shaft, making it suitable for a wide variety of jobs. The length of the shaft can stretch from a short and stubby 3.4 inches to a lengthier 5.5 inches. This length is easy to adjust, with a simple sliding collar system. The bits themselves are also noteworthy for their no-slip, hexagonal, chrome vanadium construction.

The tiny but tough handle on this screwdriver is suitable for reaching into very tight spots, too, making the screwdriver perfect for jobs where maneuverability is limited. The tip of each bit is magnetized, making it quick and convenient to change back on forth depending on the job at hand – both Phillips and slotted bits are included with the set. Customers find the adjustable shaft length extremely useful for tacking jobs in an awkwardly sized space, where the alternative would be to use a standard screwdriver held at an uncomfortable angle.