KUYOMENS Men’s Half Finger Leather Gloves’s-half-finger-genuine-leather-gloves.jpg


With four studs on the knuckles, these gloves look equally at home resting on your steering wheel and as a stylish accessory in a 1980’s post-apocalyptic movie. Come on, we can’t be the only people who could see Mad Max wearing these gloves?

Whether the world has ended or not, the fact is that these gloves are an incredible value. The palms and parts of the back are leather with simple polyester material holding them together.

The two straps are a nice touch too, especially the one designed to stretch across the back of the hand. They help form a tight but comfortable fit around your hand. These are not the flashiest gloves on our list (despite the Mad Max aesthetic), nor do they boast fancy material or high-end features found on pricier models. They are, however, decent gloves that do exactly what they say they will without breaking the bank.