Lake Country Foam Pads


These Lake Country CCS Orange Hook and Loop Foam Pads are high-tech polishing pads that feature CCS technology (Collapsed Cell Structure) in their foam construction. This gives them better traction and reduced heat since the whole pad isn’t touching your car’s surface at the same time. The CCS pockets also serve as reservoirs for polish so it can be gradually released as needed, ensuring a more even application, longer working time and reduced product waste. The manufacturer states that CCS technology has proven to out perform convoluted pad designs by the OEM.

These Lake Country Pads are ideal for light cutting and removing light to moderate imperfections and scratches in your car’s body. The pads can be used with dual action polishers and air sanders and are safe to use on all types of paint. They come as a pack of three, each of 6.5-inches in diameter.