Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Car Seat Toy


Lamaze Toys has introduced a range of car seat toys that can keep your child occupied for an extended period. Its best design and our first from its collection is Freddie, the Firefly. The Lamaze brand started its car seat toys for toddlers with the aim of bringing fun into every stage of your baby’s development. To achieve this, the company sought out recommendations from child development experts, infusing their knowledge into every toy manufactured. The results are inspiring and creative play items that aid in healthy play and education; Freddie is one of such toys.

He is a delightful play tool designed to catch your baby’s attention and keep him or her entertained. The body of Freddie is exceptionally soft, designed from velour with different interesting textures that keep your baby engaged. With this toy, your little one learns the basics of focus, image tracking, and face exploration. These are skills that aid in their development and help them develop their cognitive abilities.