Lamaze Mortimer The Moose Infant Toy


We have another toy from Lamaze. This toy is equally amazing in style and function with an ability to occupy your child for as long as you need. As we already mentioned, the Lamaze company aims to provide convertible car seat toys that spark triumph in your child at every stage of growth. It does this with the help of child development experts, who suggest the best ways for toy design. This results in a wide variety of high-quality toys, each featuring friendly faces, bright colors, and crinkly fabrics that keep your little one amused for many hours on end.

We introduce you to Mortimer the Mouse. This is a car seat toy designed mainly to stimulate all tactile sense of your child. It features soft, teethable antlers that can be munched on by your baby and general construction from soft material to deliver comfort during snuggling hours. Mortimer keeps baby entertained via his squeaker tummy that produces unusual sounds that also help develop auditory awareness. Other features of the Moose include his clacking tail rings, multiple textured hooves, and satin, knottie legs. Keep your baby’s attention from birth on up with Mortimer.