Lancher Key Chain for Car


More often than not, it’s the simple items that do the best. And Lancher’s Black Key Chain is one of the aforementioned. With one simple clip, your keys will be attached or detached from your belt loops: none of this getting frustrated trying to disengage your keys nonsense! And if you want to keep more than your house keys on this keychain, the company have included two extra key chains to help you out.

Although Lancher’s creation comes with a five-year warranty, the anti-scratch and rust-resistant keychain will remain in stellar condition for years to come – as long as you look after it properly. Its long-lasting durability isn’t a surprise, given the keychain is made of practically indestructible stainless steel and ABS. So, if you’re looking to make mornings more stress-free, Lancher have the product for you.