Lang Tools Thread Restorer Tap and Die Set


We’ll finish up with this set from Lang Tools that are a little different from the traditional tap and die sets we’ve previously mentioned. Instead of cutting new threads, it is designed to repair old bolts and threaded bolt holes.

That’s a pretty interesting concept, and it certainly has us sitting up and taking notice. If you’re the type of mechanic who works with vintage or older cars, then this could certainly interest you. Instead of removing old bolts and cutting new holes, this tool could help to salvage a lot of vehicle fixtures instead of replacing them.

On the other hand, if you need to cut brand-new bolts or holes or add more threading to something, then you are going to struggle with this kit. It really depends on what type of work you’re planning to do and what kind of vehicles you work on, but if repairs are more your thing than replacements, you should take a look at this set.