Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater


Camco really delivers on quality with its compact and lightweight catalytic heater. The propane-gas powered heater is a versatile heating solution, which can be wall mounted or stand on its own, warming up to 290 square feet with its powerful but silent operation.

Because it runs on gas, there’s no need to worry about draining your RV’s battery or finding an alternative source of electrical power. The heater also features a safety shut-off valve that prevents unburned fuel from seeping into your living space. It’s designed to last, too, with an electric sparker designed to last for 20,000 starts. Whether you’re camping or staying at home, this heater is one of the most cost-effective methods for warming things up, with an impressive 99.98-percent efficiency. This ranks far above a conventional flame-type heater, which will typically waste a staggering 45-percent of the heat it produces. With an easy-to-operate, fully adjustable heat output, Camco’s Olympian heater is up to keeping your space cozy for years to come. The fact that it comes with one-year limited warranty also goes to show the faith that Camco put into its products.