Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Portable Space Heater


Lasko makes its second entry on our list with this handy remote-controlled space heater. The compact design features two different fan settings and fully adjustable temperature options. When switched on, its oscillations ensure the space is evenly heated, while the 1,500-watt ceramic heating surface is powerful enough to transform even the chilliest spaces into cozy dens in no time.

This RV electric heater also puts you in total control of the room’s temperature with a built-in timer, allowing you to decide in advance when it will switch on and off, as well as a remote control for altering settings from afar. The heater’s clever safety features also ensure you and your passengers are safe at all times; it will automatically switch itself off in the event of overheating, while its cool-touch exterior prevents accidental burns. Easy to use thanks to a clear digital display and easy to transport due to a built-in carry handle, users say this heater is a great investment for any home – motorised or otherwise! Finally, the heater is available in 14 different color palettes, so you can even tailor your purchase to match the existing decor of your RV.