Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover


The next product is this cover from Leader Accessories. It is more of a budget model, with a price tag toward the lower end of the spectrum. Despite that though it has a number of useful features.

We have triple layer top fabric for example, though not quite of the thickness and quality of a premium cover. The zippered panels are very wide on this model of cover, allowing for great access to the RV stored underneath.

The corners of the cover are both elasticized for a secure fit and reinforced to protect against weather damage to the cover itself. Tension panels and strapping allow for a secure fit though are not quite as prevalent or secure as a more expensive product.

This model is not going to stand up well to extremes of either summer or winter weather. If though you are looking for a cover for short-term storage and/or storage in an area with quite temperate weather this could be a very cost-effective solution.