Lebogner Visor Sunglasses Holder


This product does it all; it won’t just hold up the glasses but locks it in a protective case for safekeeping. The Lebogner Car Sun Visor Sunglasses Case Holder features a thoughtful, unique and innovative design that keeps those fancy designer or reading glasses safe and accessible. With a case that either hangs firmly in place or close up for better storage, this sunglasses storage box clips securely to the sun visor. The case prevents the glasses from falling, scratching or breaking, especially when the car hits those bumpy roads that sends most light objects lunging to their doom.

Designed to support a simple operation, reach up and open or close the case with just one hand and without losing focus. It’s that easy. The wide fit works with practically all glasses types, big or small, thick or slim. This reliable unit will also fit in practically any car from SUVs to trucks, sport cars or minivans. It’s made with top-quality ABS material with a velvet interior to lushly pamper the delicate parts of those quality sunglasses. In addition to holding your favorite and most stylish glasses, the case also has extra slots for storing credit cards, tickets and receipts. To keep your car organised and maintain focus on the road, this quality case will reliably store a pair of sunglasses and keep them accessible as well.