For many years, founders and staff of Ledkingdomus have specialised in the production of automotive parts. With their broad range of designers with more than enough knowledge of automobiles, their parts and the ready market, this is a brand that appeals to the masses in every aspect. Their demand for quality and durability is unmatched thus when the Ledkingdomus 578 LED bulb was introduced as one of the best-LED licence plate light bulbs in the market, and many customers weren’t surprised.

This light bulb is an energy-saving, shockproof light bulb that possesses no IR or UV radiation and produces one of the brightest lights you will ever come across. All this is done without a deep draining of power. It’s just the best. A single bulb features a 6500 white light and 8 x 5050 super bright SMD chipsets and can be a direct replacement for bulb model numbers such as 211-2, 212-2, 569, 6413, etc. 

Installation comes easily and requires no complicated tools. The Ledkingdomus promises an easy plug and plays system loved by many users around the world. This light bulb can be used as a map light, dome light, glove box light, license plate light, etc. a single pack once purchased provides you with twenty LED light bulb pieces that have a long lasting life up to 50,000 hours.