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The Disney/Pixar Mack Action Playset combines both heart and humor and features a design inspired by the red Mack hauler. It is a multifunction playset that acts both as a playset and a vehicle, to keep your children busy with different, exciting scenarios. Complete with action driver features, the Pixar cars toys come with a detachable cab, an oil can that flips up, a gas pump, trophy, moving car lift and a pop-up TV. There is also an accessory piece that helps spray paint the cars once connected to an Action Driver.

Every component of this toy car is authentic, from the design to playing modes, with every visually exciting animation being brought to life through the vehicles and playsets. To adequately display the style, personality, and action seen in all Disney/Pixar Cars movies, every toy included in the set has been carefully crafted with a lot of detail. All fans of the moves as well as car enthusiasts or collectors have something to cheer about concerning this playset, from the stunts to the character vehicles.

This toy features five play areas where your vehicle can maneuver through, and cars with a 1:55 scale.