Leica Geosystems DISTO D2


Bluetooth-enabled, super-accurate and able to continuously measure long distances, the Leica Geosystems DISTO D2 is a fantastic laser distance meter, especially for professionals.

The Leica laser measure has an ISO certified measuring engine that ensures 1/16 inch accuracy and a whopping 330 feet measuring range. Importantly, even at such long distances, the tool remains precise. As for its functions, there is the Min/Max which allows you to get the device into corners for precise diagonal measurements. Plus, area, volume and addition/subtraction function. But that’s not all – the D2 also remembers the last 10 measurements taken and includes a Pythagoras function for indirect width or height measurements. However, since this is a rather tiny device, it’s best to use the  Pythagoras for estimates, not precise measurements. Using the tool is super-easy and convenient thanks to the Bluetooth technology which allows you to send measurements into apps running on smartphones.

The tool uses two AAA 1.5V batteries which are included in the package.