Leica Geosystems DISTO E7400X


If you’re looking for the ultimate long-distance laser measuring tool that has numerous helpful features, the new Leica Geosystems DISTO X series, and the E7400X model, in particular, is worth checking out. With a durable design and literally more than a dozen functions, the Leica laser measure tool is ideal for professionals.

The device measures up to 395 feet with 1/16 inch accuracy. You can use the smart horizontal function, min/max,  stake out, painter, Pythagoras, and many more features to measure and calculate whatever you need. Importantly for contractors, handymen, and other professionals, the E7400x has a 2-meter drop rating and is resistant to water and dirt. This is a hardy little laser meter that can withstand pretty much anything you throw at it. It’s also user-friendly – the unit has a few buttons that are intuitive to use and a backlit LCD display that ensures proper visibility in both light and dark rooms.

The tool stores the last 20 values and uses two AAA 1.5 V batteries which are included with the product.