LEXEN.LLC Pre Cut Front Window Install Kit


This kit is slightly different than some other options in that it’s only for the front two windows (driver and passenger). That could certainly appeal if you are only looking to tint these windows, but do bear it in mind if you are shopping for rear window tints – you’ll have to buy them separately.

Just as with the other kits, you pass along the details of the vehicle you want to tint, along with the level (everything from 50 percent to five percent is available, though do bear in mind that for the front windows many states will not legally accept a tint with a light penetration lower than 35 percent).

Installation is easy (since the pieces are precut), and they have been manufactured from high quality 2 Ply dyed polyester. It is also non-reflective, scratch resistant and rated to block somewhere around 99 percent of harmful UV rays.

It is cheaper then the other two pre cut kits we’ve looked at today – but it is also only supplying enough material for two windows.