LI LEAD LED Headlight for Motorcycles


If you’re a sucker for gadgetry, you’ll be more than pleased with his LED headlight for motorcycles. Coming in with a whopping 4800 lumens on high beam, this is the brightest motorcycle headlight, with a low beam of 3000 lumens to boot. It’s also made of die cast aluminum and comes with a built-in rubber seal, making this purchase waterproof, dustproof and shock resistant.

The big selling point for the RGB Halo headlamp, however, is the multiple color modes and Bluetooth connectivity. You’ll be able to choose from any color you prefer or use the “music mode” in which the colors will automatically change as the beat continues and can even flash to match the music. While this is great fun, we do remind you to always be safe when using your motorbike and keep your focus on the road at all times.