Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys


Who says learning has to be boring? Meet the Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys; a creation made to support the teaching of all things STEM, that’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Not only is this an educative toy set, but it also is a lot of fun and can keep your child occupied for hours, and this, in turn, will mean you get more time to take that breather you deserve. A single package is made up of 5 cars, eight tires, five modification parts, drill and screws that account for a total of 30 interchangeable modification car parts.

A power drill is included upon purchase, and this toll is to be used by your child to take apart his car and put it back together completely. Despite the size of the small toy cars that come in the pack, it cannot be compared to its realistic features, such as its engine lights and sounds. If you’re looking for the best Christmas gift, we encourage you to look no further than here. Liberty Imports toys offer the perfect balance to every child’s life, as they get to learn and play at the same time.