Lifeline AAA Road Kit


This kit is more designed for car breakdown type emergencies than it is for accidents or, like the kit above, for a nuclear apocalypse.

To that end then, whilst the kit does come with a first aid kit of sorts, it is very basic – just a couple of bandages and some antiseptic wipes. So if you want to be better prepared for accidents or medical emergencies then be prepared to supplement this kit with a dedicated first aid kit.

For car-based emergencies however this is decent. Having been put together with input from the AAA, you have most of the tools to tackle a simple car based emergency here. A two-in-one screwdriver and booster cables along with duct tape, a shop cloth and cable ties are useful tools for a range of vehicle breakdown emergencies.

The flashlight helps you see and the orange safety vest helps you to be seen. This is a good kit to throw in the trunk to prepare for any basic mechanical breakdown.