Lifetime Outdoor Bike Storage


A large storage shed for your bikes and all your gardening equipment that is a full 94 inches high. As it is a large structure, it needs a flat and level foundation base made out of concrete or wood. Natural light can enter the structure through the four large skylights and there is also a shatter-proof polycarbonate window. It has been manufactured to withstand all types of weather including wind gusts at 64 mph. The structure includes two screened vents and shelves that can be moved around.

The dual walls are made out of high-density polyethylene. It has a pitched roof which is supported on A-frame trusses so there is over six feet of headroom and rain and snow cannot collect on it. The floor is anti-slip and is also made from high density polyethylene so it will not crack or chip and is resistant to oil damage and staining. For maximum security and easy access, the doors are four feet wide and reinforced with steel. They lock using a latching mechanism located internally.