LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Garage Door Opener


There are several brands in the garage door opener system industry, and the Liftmaster is one of the best. This company comes with decades of continuous expertise in their field, and they pride themselves on providing everything their customers require, through the innovative design of their products. This overhead garage door works well with the Liftmaster 8500 and 3800 models of jackshaft garage door openers. It is not compatible with other models; thus; one must take note before making a purchase. When the garage door starts a movement, under the battery power, the system emits audible signal sounds which can be detected by both you and those you share usage with. The Liftmaster door opener system has a simple installation procedure, which involves the setting of your order on top of your garage door while remaining plugged into the back of your opener.

The Liftmaster Garage Door Opener is always ready for use and fully charged. It operates well even when the power goes out, which many other models by other manufacturers can’t do. During a power outage, your Liftmaster system can open and close your garage door for up to twenty cycles, before shutting down. Included in the design of this system are the bright LED lights which inform you when the order is in operation, when it is not and when you need to replace your batteries. For safe operation, this system comes with highly functionals safety and security features, which work excellently without any issues, when the opener is in use. We will encourage all owners of garages to make use of this system, as it is highly durable and also very affordable, considering the level of service you receive.