LiftMaster Contractor Series Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener


Sommer’s 1052V000 utilizes an innovative design which locates the motor at the door instead of at the far end of the opener track. This placement, coupled with Sommer’s Direct Drive system which eliminates the need for chains, belts, or screws in the driveline and makes the 1052 a very quiet garage door opener indeed.

Backed up by a lifetime warranty the 1052 is designed to lift doors between 7-8 feet in height silently and free of annoying vibrations which makes it ideal for houses with bedrooms or offices above the garage. Security has been given careful consideration too with the twin opener remotes operating on a rolling code system which changes the codes each time the door is opened and closed as we have seen with other garage door openers on this list.

The 1052 is also compatible with the HomeLink in-car opener system to allow you more options in how you open and close your garage doors.