Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet


This sleek black beauty landed at the top of the list thanks to its all-around functionality and top-notch design. All the features of the Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet work hand in hand to ensure that users get the best protection while going about their work. First, it is fitted with an auto-darkening lens which has a nice shade range of five to 13. It also happens to have a very nicely sized viewing area to ensure that welders can see exactly what it is they are doing with absolute precision. To be more specific, it makes use of 4C lens technology for visual clarity as well as a widescreen view.

With a total of four arc sensors and a commendable switching speed of 1/25,000 seconds. As impressive as this is, it is slightly topped by the fact that it has a stellar grinding mode as well as an electromagnetic sensor. The fact that it is as durable as they come is the cherry on top that really makes it a great choice for welders everywhere. As if that were not enough, it also comes at quite a steal, so you can get the best quality without drilling a hole in your pocket.