Lisle 97102 Car Creeper (Black Plastic)


The Lisle Company has been working in the automotive industry for over a century; their robust and high-quality tools are what makes them so reliable. This creeper by Lisle is a top-notch quality product marketed to those professionals working in the automotive industry. Equipped with a body fitting design, it was manufactured after rigorous testing on different body forms to ensure it was comfortable for all. The unique design allows for better comfort and support by fitting to your natural body shape and the body of the creeper is about 2 inches longer to provide a great fit.

Included are urethane rollers that are for added durability; the surface is easy to clean and is solvent, greases, and fuels resistant. In addition to that, it comprises of a very low profile with a 7/8 inch clearance to help you get under the lowest of cars with an increased workspace. The weight capacity is about 350 lbs and it is available in five other colors as well.